Warm Compresses for Dry Eye Syndrome related to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction no longer needs to involve using a messy washcloth soaked in luke warm water. With the development of our all natural, organic, and homeopathic dry eye aide (The EyeWarmer), applying therapeutic warmth to your eyelid margins has never been easier. Better tear quality is only a few clicks away.

Made in the USA

Our product is made 100% from start to finish in the USA. Unlike similar products made over seas, you can rest assured that our product has passed stringent quality control testing. We are proud to be an American based company.

Free Shipping - No Tax!

All orders within the continental United States SHIP FREE! No sales tax charged on any order unless shipped within CT. We can also ship to Canada, however our free shipping promotion does not apply.

Homeopathic, Organic Dry Eye Compress

Our 100% organic EyeWarmers are Homeopathic and Naturopathic approved products. Our products are made of only the highest quality, natural ingredients with no synthetic allergens or fillers.

Efficacy Backed By Science

The mechanism by which EyeWarmers work to stop and prevent your dry eye symptoms has been the topic of countless studies in medical and eye care journals. Today is your day to SEE the results!

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