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My name is Dr. Erick Sirignano and I am a Therapeutic Optometrist specializing in the management and treatment of ocular diseases such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and most importantly Ocular Surface Disease (a.k.a. Dry Eye Syndrome).  Located in New England – Torrington, CT to be precise – my busy practice sees 10+ patients a day experiencing symptoms of dry eye.  The vast majority of these patients actually make an appropriate amount of tears, however the quality of their tears is poor because of a condition called meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

Meibomian glands are tiny glands located along the eyelid margin. Meibomian glands are responsible for producing the lipid (oily) layer of our tear film. When these glands get blocked or capped, meibomian gland dysfunction occurs. When the oily layer is not present in the correct proportions, the aqueous (watery) layer of our tears evaporates quickly.  When the aqueous layer evaporates the signs and symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome are noted.  These signs and symptoms can include burning, itching, tearing, redness, stinging, grittiness and even excess tearing.

Why Were EyeWarmers Created?

The most common treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction is applying heat to the eyelid margins for 5-10 minutes twice a day. Until now there was no safe and effective way of applying heat to the eyelid margins. Some patients would use washcloths with hot water on them, which would only lead to a wet cold mess after a minute.  Others would use heating pads or microwave gel packs, which would expose the sensitive skin around the eyes to harsh chemicals or synthetic allergens.

With the overwhelming number of patients in my office with dry eye syndrome, I found that I needed a way to offer long-lasting therapeutic heat to the lid margins without exposing my patients to chemicals and synthetic fillers.  That is when EyeWarmers were born. Made in America with 100% natural and organic materials, EyeWarmers can now provide 10+ minutes of safe and effective therapeutic heat to your eyelids.

Why Do I Need EyeWarmers?

If you have any of the signs and symptoms of dry eye syndrome listed above, you can benefit from the use of EyeWarmers.  Most of my patients that come to my practice that have failed on palliative care (artificial tears, visine, etc) and even prescription medications such as Restasis (Restasis helps produce more tears in aqueous deficient patients) have found that using EyeWarmers has drastically improved their dry eye symptoms.  I have even seen a vast majority of these patients get off of their prescription medications when EyeWarmers are used twice a day as directed by their Eye Doctor. This may be based on the fact that the common belief of many dry eye experts is that up to 75% of all dry eye cases are actually caused by MGD (evaporation) and NOT a lack of tears (aqueous deficiency).

Statistically – you may be in the small group of patients that actually have aqueous deficiency, and may truly need to be on restasis, but for less than the cost of one Restasis copay you can try EyeWarmers and help your eyes make better quality tears.

Think about the financial advantage of getting off of a medication that you were going to have to take for the rest of your life…  Visit our online store to order your EyeWarmers today.


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