Some of the feedback we have been receiving from happy customers:

Used it this morning, it feels very nice! I like it so much better than a hot wet towel, that never stayed warm long enough. Thanks again!

Chris B.
Quakertown, PA

Made in USA, Organic, and it works, what else can I say…

Tony B.
Hartford, CT

When I hit menopause my eyes started getting itchy, gritty, and red. I didn’t know why this was happening. My doctor told me I had dry eye syndrome from hormonal changes. Along with restasis, Eyewarmers have made my symptoms disappear.

Joan Goldenberg
Trenton, NJ

It is cold in Keene during the winter, very COLD. I have seasonal dry eye and have found that using my EyeWarmer from September to March has really helped keep my tears flowing. I just ordered two more for my grandparents.

John Sanders
Keene, NH

Eye Warmers have significantly reduced my dry eye symptoms after 2 weeks. I wish I had found you sooner!

Jason R.
Sacramento, CA

I was skeptical at first, but they really do work. I have struggled with dry eye for as long as I remember… I am so glad I found this product.

George Williams
Knoxville, TN

What an easy solution to a complicated problem! I am super impressed with my results after using my EyeWarmer for just three weeks. I have had a noticeable change in my dry eye symptoms (for the better), and have even started using my artificial tears less. Thank You SO MUCH!

Debbie Mason
NY, New York

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