Warm Compress as a Treatment for Eyestrain Symptoms

July 10th, 2012 → 3:13 am @

Warm compresses are a known solution for relief of symptoms associated with asthenopia, commonly known as eye strain. Symptoms of eye strain typically include pain in and around the eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision, irritation, foreign body sensation, and headaches.

Symptoms of eye strain typically arise following extended periods of reading or computer use. Eye strain is on the rise since the introduction of smart phones, iPads, iPods, iPhones, laptops etc, luckily relief can be found in our online store.

Using an EyeWarmer dry eye compress will help soothe your symptoms and promote healthy tear film production, and will give your eyes a well deserved rest.

This has become such an epidemic that news stations all over the nation have been covering eye strain due to computer vision syndrome (CVS). The following link is to a story that recently ran on wkyc, an NBC affiliate.


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