What Causes Dry Eye Syndrome?

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What causes dry eye syndrome (DES) you ask? Well, every person and every eyeball is different, but there are 2 major types of dry eye syndrome. The first and most common is EVAPORATIVE dry eye syndrome. This is caused primarily by an imbalance in the different layers of the tear film. When the multiple layers of the tear film are out of balance, your tears may evaporate too quickly, leaving you with symptoms of scratchiness, foreign body sensation, or excess tearing. This is typically associated with meibomian gland dysfunction or ocular rosacea.

Evaporative dry eye syndrome is typically treated with warm compresses and lid scrubs to target the cause of the dry eyes, and not just the symptoms.  If you have been formally diagnosed with evaporative dry eye syndrome and your eye doctor has recommended warm compresses, please consider using a safe, organic, homeopathic, product that is made in the USA. EyeWarmers fulfill all of those qualities and are available in our online shop.

The second, and less common, major type of dry eye syndrome is INFLAMMATORY dry eye syndrome. This is caused by low levels of ocular inflammation that inhibit the normal production levels of tear fluid. Common causes can be rheumatoid arthritis, sjogren’s disease, lupus, thyroid disease, etc. Although warm compresses will improve symptoms, typically your eye doctor will need to prescribe anti-inflammatory drops, or target the underlying condition to eliminate your symptoms.

The most important thing to remember when you are considering treatment for your dry eye syndrome is “Have I actually been properly diagnosed?”  If you have just been told that you have dry eyes, you do not have enough information to understand your treatment.  Next time you are at your eye doctor’s ask him or her if you have Evaporative Dry Eye Syndrome or Inflammatory Dry Eye Syndrome. If they tell you that you have Evaporative Dry Eye Syndrome and you need to incorporate warm compresses into your daily treatment regimen, please consider using the best dry eye compress available today, the EyeWarmer.



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